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Gilbert, Arizona Termite. Arizona Termites. Arizona Termite Treatment

If you suspect Termites in your Arizona Home or Business, or want a Free Termite Inspection to know if you have them - then Call us today! Here at Guaranteed Pest Control we offer affordable Termite Treatments. We know how important it is to get rid of your termite problem and we are here to do just that. We will get rid of your termites!

Did you know that Arizona is hight risk for Desert subterranean termites?

The Desert subterranean termite is less dependent on moisture and decay than other subterranean termites. It will readily attack dry, sound wood. A typical sign of infestation is the presence of “drop tubes” coming from the ceiling rafters and sheetrock/plasterboard and/or holes in the sheetrock plugged with faeces. Desert subterranean termites prefer to be in shaded soil or areas made wet by irrigation.

*Realtors call for pricing 480-201-1321


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