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Arizona Scorpion Control, Guaranteed Pest Control.

Scorpions are so commonly found in Arizona.

If your home or business has scorpions, it is best to keep up on regular reoccurring pest control for best results. They can be controlled.


We will of course give you the best possible thorough treatment in and out of your home! We will focus on entry points and problem areas.

We will dust around your entry ways and treat the exterior perimeter of your property – scorpions love block walls and palm trees. Scorpions can also be attracted to your swimming pool – hence, the water it provides to them.

We recommend regular monthly service for homes that are in areas that are heavily populated with scorpions.

If you have a bad scorpion problem it would also be awesome if your surrounding neighbors had pest services, of course you cannot make that decision for them, but it would help to eliminate a larger area where the scorpions are trying to make their home.

Contact 480-201-1321 to set up a service!

We will never make you sign a contract! We will come out right away for the best service possible!

Guaranteed Pest Control offers pest control services the East Valley, Arizona.

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