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Pest Control, Gilbert, Arizona German Roach Removal

Have you seen these? What are they? These insects are a small Roach species called German Roaches. They are smaller in size than typical sewer roaches. They are very good at hiding in cracks and small spaces. German Roaches are typically noticed and discovered in the kitchen or in bathrooms of your home or business. German Roaches leave their feces everywhere. Their feces look like little black dots. Not only are they very dirty insects that carry disease, they can be hard to get under control – It doesn’t help that they breed and mature very quickly. When you first notice them - it is important that you call a professional who knows exactly what to do, to rid your home or business of them. Depending on the size of infestation at hand, it can take a couple treatments to get rid of German Roaches.

A couple things you can do when in the process of German Roach treatments is to keep your home as clean as possible. Especially making sure food in the kitchen is cleaned up. Food left on the counter, and even dog food on the floor can attract them.

If you have any specific questions or want to make an appointment to get rid of German Roaches or any other pests please call 480-201-1321. Guaranteed Pest Control is an Arizona Pest Control company locally owned and operated. We service the East Valley; Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, and Mesa to name a few.

Guaranteed Pest Control 480-201-1321 – Call Today!

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