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Get Rid of Spiders in and around your home! Guaranteed Pest Control - Arizona Pest Control Services.

Have you seen spiders lately, inside or outside your home? Arizona is home to many different species of spiders - some poisonous that could be a threat to your family or pets. Guaranteed Pest Control specializes in the control of spiders, scorpions and many other pests. We understand the stress and concern you feel if you see something like this where you live and where you kids play. Black widows often live in dark areas around your home – corners, cracks, behind bushes, under benches outside etc. If you see one and want to call a professional who can get your pests under control please call us! We know what to do, we have the experience needed, we are affordable and won’t ever make you sign a contract!

If you spot one in your yard or home, please call us at Guaranteed Pest Control and we will come out right away for a treatment. It is important to get them under control, and get them gone! 480-201-1321

Beware, be careful, be cautious, be smart!

A few TIPS for you to follow!!

-Remove waste from your property and yard – or store in the proper containers. Garbage left out and food left outside can also be a major attraction to bugs.

-Keep woodpiles and junk piles away from the home, this offers a great home for spiders and scorpions.

Keep a look out and call us if you ever see anything or want to keep your home pest free. We offer no contract pest control services.

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