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Get rid of Scorpions, Arizona Bark Scorpion Removal, Scorpion Pest Control

The Arizona bark scorpion, is a small light brown scorpion and is very commonly found in Arizona homes and yards.

The bark scorpion can be found in many places due to its ability to climb. It can be found not only under rocks or in rock crevices, but also in trees or high on rock walls. Bark Scorpions can also be found inside of peoples dwellings trapped in sinks or bathtubs, climbing walls, or in a dark closet. Bark Scorpions prefer cool and moist areas and can be found in crevices, under pieces of bark, under rocks, under bricks and in houses.

Scorpions live at least 2-6 years although many live much longer, especially in the wild. Scorpions give birth during the summer months. The babies will crawl up their mother's pincers and legs to get on her back. They will ride around on her back for 7-21 days.

Bark Scorpions are considered life threatening. It is no wonder no one wants to see a scorpion in their home or business!

If you are experiencing a scorpion invasion, please call Guaranteed Pest Control.

Guaranteed Pest Control WILL get your scorpion problem under control! We Guarantee it!

Call 480-201-1321


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