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Pest Control Gilbert, Arizona, Termite Treatment Gilbert, Arizona

Guaranteed Pest Control will give you peace of mind and will protect your home against Termites! Call us for a FREE home inspection. (Realtors call for pricing)

How will I know if I have Termites? Discovering winged termites indoors almost always indicates an infestation warranting treatment. Some signs of infestation are mud tubes extending over foundation walls, etc. The mud tubes are typically about the diameter of a pencil, but can be thicker. Termites construct these tubes for shelter as they travel between their underground colonies and the structure. To help determine if an infestation is active, the tubes may be broken open and checked for the presence of small worker termites. If a tube happens to be vacant, it does not necessarily mean that the infestation is inactive; termites often abandon sections of tube while foraging elsewhere.

Sometimes there will be no visible indication that the home is infested. Termites are sneaky creatures and infestations can go undetected for years, hidden behind walls, floor coverings, insulation, and other obstructions. Termite damage can even progress undetected in wood that is exposed because the outer surface is usually left intact.

If you suspect termites, need an inspection for a home sale, or just want to get a termite warranty for peace of mind then go no further. We are here to assist you in all of your Termite needs. Guaranteed Pest Control is your trustworthy, experienced, Termite Control, pest Control Company!


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