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TIPS ON CHOOSING A COMPANY TO RID YOU OF TERMITES - Termite Treatment, Termite Inspection - Gilbert

Here are some great TIPS in helping you choose a pest control company for a Termite Treatment on your home or business.

1. Seek a Qualified and Licensed Pest Control Company whose judgment can be trusted.

2. Ask Family and Friends for referrals

3. You are paying for professional knowledge, be sure you choose a pest control company you can trust.

4. BUY VALUE not PRICE the value of the service should outweigh all other factors.

5. Look for a company that will work closely with you to prevent future Termite Infestations.

6. Be hesitant to sign a contract.

7. You should not feel pressured or bullied into any kind of pest control service or price.

If you are considering a Termite Treatment or are interested in getting a QUOTE on a Termite Treatment, call Guaranteed Pest Control, located in Gilbert, AZ.

We are:

-Qualified and Licensed through the Office of Pest Management in Arizona.

-We take great pride in our service and have grown our business from happy client referrals.

-We are experienced. Termites are our specialty!

-We will offer you a competitive quote, we use only the best quality products on your home, which is why we would hope you avoid looking only for the ‘cheapest’ price, as you may not know the quality of product they will be providing you.

-We will help you and assist you in preventing future Termite Infestations, as well as offer you a warranty and optional continuing warranty in the future.

-We will never make you sign a contract.

-We will not pressure you into a treatment, we would NEVER recommend a treatment if it is not needed on your home or business.

If you are any questions about termites at your home or business please call us 480-201-1321

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