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Did you know that German Roaches are constantly breeding throughout the year??

That’s right, they don’t have a “breeding season” they never stop!

If you have a German roach infestation it is usually not just a couple of them, it is a very LARGE number of roaches on your property. German Roaches prefer warm weather which is why they are commonly found in Arizona.

German Roaches are just plain nasty. They will habitat the inside of your home especially in kitchens and bathrooms. The nastiest thing about them is that they will leave their feces and egg sacs ALL OVER THE PLACE! ALL OVER YOUR HOME!!

Yes, we have seen roach feces in drawers and cupboards where your silverware and plates would be. Their feces will be overtaking your home or business if you don’t get the situation under control.

Here is a closer look (see picture) of some roach egg sacs and feces. Disgusting right??!! If you see German Roaches where you live or work, please call us – we can help you! You don’t have to live with them in your home or work!

After we have treated your home for roaches, it is super important that you clean up your property by removing all feces and egg sacs that remain and removing all dead roaches found. Roaches thrive in dirt and filth! Let’s keep it clean and work together!

Call Guaranteed Pest Control today and let’s get your home pest free! 480-201-1321

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