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Cricket Control - Gilbert Arizona Guaranteed Pest Control

Cricket Control - Gilbert Arizona Guaranteed Pest Control

It is easy to detect a cricket infestation! Crickets are noisy, and annoying – especially at night when you settling down to relax, they begin their chirping. While this sound is pleasant to them, it is not to most people! Crickets can be active and seen during the day, but generally speaking are nocturnal. They are more annoying than actually dangerous for humans per say.

They are ESPECIALLY ANNOYING when you find them inside!!

Why, then is it so important to address a cricket infestation around your home or property?

Crickets are an attractive and amazing food source for other more dangerous, and unwanted pests. Spiders and Scorpions would love to make a cricket their meal.

Basically if you have a cricket infestation, just know that it is an attraction for spiders and scorpions – don’t be surprised if you begin to see them as well.

Are crickets hard to get rid of?

No. A cricket infestation can usually be controlled in one or two services. We can come out right away and take care of that for you!

What is drawing crickets to my home or business?

If you pay attention to the whether you will see that when there is more moisture and rain, the crickets appear! Crickets like the water source and moisture.

What do crickets eat?

Crickets are omnivore which basically means they will eat practically anything.

Don’t stress if you start hearing crickets, just give us a call and we will get them gone!

Guaranteed Pest Control 480-201-1321

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