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Black Widow - Did you know? Spider Control Services - Gilbert, AZ No Contract Pest Control

Black Widow - Did you know? Spider Control Services - Gilbert, AZ - No Contract Pest Control

Why is the black widow spider so feared? The black widow spider is not only creepy looking; within its body they hold a venomous sting. One that offers a major threat to humans and has been recorded to be fifteen times stronger than that of a rattlesnake! Fatalities are very rare and are mostly reported in small children, elderly people, and sick people.

How do they attack?

Black Widow spiders are not commonly aggressive! Phew! They are shy and nocturnal by nature. But, they will attack if they feel threatened for self-defense. For example, if you sit or step on one, that would make them attack you! She will also aggressively protect her egg sac and will rarely ever leave her web. If you have found yourself bitten by a black widow spider, you should immediately seek professional medical attention.

How are they identified?

Black Widow spiders are one of the most easily identified spiders! They are easily identified by their black body and red hourglass shape. The non-threatening Male black widows are smaller in size and they are similar in shape but can have red and white markings on their abdomen. It would be wise not to mess with any black spider, regardless!

Where do they reside?

Black widow spiders like dark and damp places to habitat. They can be found behind bushes, in sheds, garages, piles of debris in the yard – Did you know, the black widow can live for up to three years?!!

If you have found black widow spiders in or around your home or business we would be happy to come and professionally treat for you! No contract Pest Control – Gilbert, AZ 480-201-1321

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