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Black Widow Spider

Right now in Arizona, Spiders are out and breeding like crazy. Be on the look out for dangerous spiders like Black Widows. If you see one take caution as they are poisonous and dangerous. Do not provoke them, or try to touch them.

Are black widow spiders common in Arizona? YES, they are!

Where do Black Widows like to live?

They can often be found in dark and dry places. For example, behind outdoor objects, bushes, play equipment, inside garages, barns, sheds, and eves of homes, in cracks of block walls, and many more places.

Beware of public places that are not keeping up with pest control through the summer, as they should be. Just the other day, we took the kids to a public park and not only was it infested with ant hills and crickets, there were black widow spider webs and spiders underneath the slides and play equipment. That is very unsafe and dangerous for your children and family. We left for safety reasons. It is important to look out for these things to keep your family safe. Ant attacks and spider bites are the last thing you need!!

If you spot one in your yard or home, please call us at Guaranteed Pest Control and we will come out right away for a treatment. It is important to get them under control, and get them gone! 480-201-1321

Beware, be careful, be cautious, be smart!

Here is one we found the other day! YUCK! See our youtube video below:

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