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Guaranteed Pest Control offers Gopher Control and Removal Services.

Guaranteed Pest Control offers Gopher Control and Removal Services.

Have you ever seen a Gopher in your yard or on your property?

Gophers are pretty common in Arizona and are often discovered by the presence of HOLES and gopher mounds in your yard or property. They spend their time burrowing and digging tunnels, destroying everything that comes in its way.

Gopher Facts:

Gophers dig and eat roots of plants, trees, and can destroy your yard and vegetation.

Gopher’s teeth are continuously growing – if you by chance happen to find them above ground, you will identify them by their LARGE nasty looking teeth! Their chompers are pretty strong and can do a lot of damage.

Gophers are about half a pound in weight and about six to eight inches long.

Gophers can be tricky to remove on your own!

They will often run away when they feel threatened, but are also known to show self-defense. They have been known to attack small animals such as cats, dogs, and people.

Guaranteed Pest Control offers Gopher Removal Services. We are experienced in trapping and baiting for Gophers. We can remove your pesky Gophers. Give us a call and we will get started right away!

You don’t have to live with Gophers destroying your yard and garden!

Call Guaranteed Pest Control 480-201-1321

Others services available include; rat and mice control, german roach control, scorpion control, ant control, roach control, bee and wasp control, spider control, cricket control, Termite Inspections, and Termite Treatments, Termite Warranties, earwig control, silverfish control, and more.

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