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Termites in Arizona - Guaranteed Pest Control Termite Treatment Termites in Arizona

Termites in Arizona - Guaranteed Pest Control Termite Treatment

Termites in Arizona

It is a common known fact that Subterranean Termites thrive in Arizona! Subterranean Termites love the warm weather our State has to offer them. They can live for years underground around your home before making any kind of sign of infestation. When our State is hit with rainfall, they will often appear. Their colony will send swarms of winged Termites to reproduce. Quite often people can mistake them for flying ants. However you can tell them apart because winged Termites have four wings that are the same size, straight antennas, and are smaller than flying ants.

Yes, Heavy rains bring up termites, but also wet foundations and wet areas around your home can also bring them up. You might notice mud tubing coming up from the ground along the foundation of your home. This is also a sign of Termites.

Termite Damage is no joke. Termites can live underground for years around your home or property doing damage. If you see them or think you have them, get yourself a FREE inspection from Guaranteed Pest Control. We will send out a licensed professional to give an honest opinion if needed, a competitive quote on getting your home treated for Termites.

It is smart to rid your home of termites at the first sign of infestation, because this way they cannot do any further damage to your home or property.

We have been doing termite treatments and inspections for years and can offer you the most professional and prompt service possible!


Call for a quote 480-201-1321

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